ENDURO Premium 3-LAYER Engineered Hardwood parkett is a hardwood plank that comes with a 3mm top layer of Premium Grade Russian Oak. Its base layer is made of plantation grade, FSC Approved, fast growing, sustainable Canadian Spruce, Pine or Fir timber which are laid in opposite directions (cross engineered) and glued together under high pressure, using top quality Finnish Dynea glues.

Every piece of Oak used in our Engineered floors has its own unique appearance, with naturally occurring variations in color and grain, which gives our floors their character and charm.

Outstanding Features

  • Luxury 3 layer solid wood parkett
  • 3mm Premium grade Russian hardwood oak top layer
  • Cross engineered for stability
  • 7 layers of German Treffert UV coating
  • Consistent pre-finished planks
  • UV protected surface
  • Square edged seamless connection between planks
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fast and easy installation with patented Valinger Click Lock
  • No sealing or waxing required

3-Layer Solid Wood with 3mm Top Layer

Solid boards are susceptible to seasonal shrinkage, which causes ‘rafting’ or opening out of the boards, or ‘peaking’ and ‘cupping’ as boards take on moisture and expand. All of these are normal responses as the floor responds to the environment, but can be unsightly or even ruin the finished floor.

In order to improve the stability of Solid Wood Planks, ENDURO Premium Wood parkett comes in a 3-layer construction with 3mm solid oak top layer.

This structure ensures that our wood floors will move with the changes in relative humidity and temperature, minimizing rafting, peaking, cupping that is common for solid wood planks.

The 3-layer construction has been found to be more stable than solid wood planks.

Premium Grade Russian Oak

Our 14mm boards are more stable than solid wood plank and suited to almost any environment, from kitchens to living areas, to bedrooms and playrooms. This is quite different from thinner timber veneer which may have a wear layer as little as 1mm thick, or laminates which are photographic images imprinted onto a thin plank.

Cross Engineered Stability

The middle core layer and bottom layer (Canadian Spruce, Pine or Fir) are laid transversely, or cross-engineered in opposite direction as the top layer. These layers are then glued together under high pressure, using top quality Finnish Dynea glue, thereby counteracting the effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations on natural wood. This allows the wood to expand and contract without warping and cupping, reducing swelling and shrinkage by roughly 80%, even in the most challenging of climate. Because of this more stable 3- layer construction, our planks are superior in durability and stability to solid timber.

7-Layer Solvent-Free Treffert Coating™

All our flooring is pre-finished with 7 layers of German developed Treffert coating.

Treffert is also solvent-free, thereby ensuring a green and healthy environment. Our finish contains 2 layers of Treffert’s nano technology, which ensure superior scratch resistance. Because the multi- coats are applied in controlled factory settings vis-a vis on-site manual coating, the consistency and durability of the finish is assured. Aside from this, with no messy or time consuming on-site finishing, your floor will be ready to walk on in record time.

With pre-finished boards you will be able to see the finish before it is installed, so there will be no surprises. With the correct care and maintenance, our floors should last for many years.

Consistency of Finish

Pre-finished hardwood is a great alternative to the traditional timber flooring. The advantage that pre-finished hardwood has over unfinished hardwood is that is offers a much cleaner, clearer finish than floors that are finished on site. Because wood is finished in carefully controlled factory conditions, it does not have the dust, dirt and other particles that is visible in almost any floor that is finished on site.

UV Protection

This premium water-based coating offers superior UV protection, which means the color changes when exposed to sunlight over time will be minimal as compared to ordinary polyurethane.

Seamless Connection Between Planks

The edges of all boards meet squarely creating a uniform, smooth surface that blends the floor together from board to board. The overall look of this floor gives a contemporary flair and formal feeling to the room. The square edges are sealed completely from dirt and grit.


Enduro Premium Engineered Wood Floors are ideal for people with dust or pet allergies as the tight click system means there is little chance of dust mites or pet dander gathering. Hence the flooring is asthma friendly and hypoallergenic.

Enjoy the timelessness, grace and beauty of Enduro Premium Engineered Hardwood Floors!

Fast & Easy Installation with a Patented Valinger Click System

While it is not possible to install solid timber on new concrete as it must be nailed or glued down. Enduro Premium 3-Layer Wood, on the other hand is suitable for new concrete sub-floors, either as a floating or glue down option.

Its patented Valinger click system ensures that the planks are locked together and therefore, move together; avoiding the common problems of solid timber floors such are rafting, peaking and cupping.

Due to the ease of the patented VALINGER click system, installation time is cut by almost 80%, saving both on time and energy.

With the patented Valinger click-system, floating installations are both possible and fast. Our floors will be ready to walk on in a matter of hours. Repairs and replacements are quick and easy since there is no stubborn glue to hold the planks down.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Our prefinished floors have no need for tedious waxing, polishing or messy wet mopping. A regular swish with a microfiber dust mop is all that is required to keep your Enduro Premium 3-Layer Wood parkett fresh and dust –free.

Enduro Engineered Wood with Patented Valinger Click System
Easy Care & Maintenance Enduro Engineered Wood Floor
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