Our Core Values


“Bringing warmth and beauty to your space.”

Our vision is to be seen and felt as the provider of quality floor finishings in the community.


It is our mission to be the leading provider of commercial flooring products. We will achieve this by striving for excellence in the following areas:

Customer satisfaction

Installation methodology

Environmental responsibility

Product performance

“Customer Satisfaction, Innovative Installation Methodology, Environmental Responsibility and Product Performance define us as a company and the flooring systems that we carry.”

About Us


We are a veteran flooring and installation store serving Metro Manila, with over 15 plus years of flooring experience.

Main Product

Enduro® Flooring a Trusted Flooring System.

For more than 20 years, Enduro® Flooring has been a trusted commercial flooring solution because it can superbly handle demanding environments like the retail shops, schools, hotels, buildings, clinics including home spaces, outdoor and indoor.

Enduro® Flooring is designed for safety, durability, and beauty.

Enduro® Flooring will help you create your best and awesome spaces yet affordable.