• Dumafloor Waterproof Laminated Flooring
  • Dumafloor Waterproof Laminated Flooring
  • Dumafloor Waterproof Laminated Flooring

Dumafloor is a range of 100% waterproof floors that can easily handle the most extreme humidity. The moisture-resistant floors are made of high quality materials with a scratch-resistant top layer. As the base material is not wood, the floor will not swell or deform under the influence of water in comparison to other alleged “water-resistant” laminate floors.

Outstanding Features

  • 6.5mm thick not the usual 5.5mm plank
  • Extra Strong
  • Made with Quality Composite Material
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Highly Scratch-resistant Aluminum Oxide Top Layer
  • Click & Fix
  • An unequaled sound insulation
  • Comfortable on bare feet
  • Ideal for Renovation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effortless Maintenance
100% Waterproof

Since we do not use any wood in the production of our flooring, we can guarantee a certified 0% swelling of our board.

Wear Resistant

Because of its strong top layer in acrylic resin (AC4 quality) Dumafloor fulfils the strictest standards for wear and tear. Dumafloor is exceptionally resistant to sunrays. It retains its original shine much longer and is much more resistant to stains, e.g. from ketchup, wine or fruit juice.

Shock Resistant

The unique composite material gives the laminate floor extreme solidity (IC3 value), which prevents damage with heavy loads.

Damage-free Transportation and Installation

The problem of damage of the weaker side edges as with traditional laminate floors is a thing of the past thanks to the durability of the Dumafloor basic material. The side edges of the strong Dumafloor planks are much better resistant to damage during transportation or installation. Even when reinstalling them a lot more planks can be reused.

Quick, simple and strong

All the planks are equipped with a patented CLICK system for quick and easy installation without adhesive, with a perfect waterproof connection between the planks. This CLICK system also makes it possible to put the side edge of the plank right against the wall, without need to saw off the tongue. No special equipment is needed for cutting the planks. Dumafloor can be installed in rooms with underfloor heating without any problems (at a maximum contact temperature of 28°C).

In Silence

The composite material in our planks also ensures exceptional sound insulation. Test EPLF 021029-3 proves that the sound reflection of Dumafloor is no less than 38% lower than that of a traditional laminate floor (class SL40). To guarantee the best sound insulation, we recommend laying the Dumafloor underlay, which is specially designed with this in mind.

Non Polluting Formaldehyde Solvent - Dumafloor Laminated Flooring
A natural reflex

All our laminate planks are environmentally-friendly and fully recyclable. We do not use any solvents or formaldehyde.

Why Choose Dumafloor

Find utmost comfort at home from your toes up with Dumafloor Waterproof Laminate Flooring. 100% waterproof and made from top quality composite material, it is wonderful on your feet so you can live at ease and enjoy the bare essentials of home living.

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